Now, More than Ever

As we come into a new year, it seems that with each generation, we lose a sense of self-reliance. It is becoming more apparent that there is a generation gap, directly related to technology. Personally, my grandparents do not even know how to efficiently use a computer or a smartphone, let alone the technology we are becoming accustomed to today, and soon, the technology that they can use will become obsolete.

Signing off, For Now

So, the purpose of this blog was to prove my point, and I think it has been well-proven. Technology is smarter than us. We may be necessary to build and create technology, but as we progress through the digital age, we keep inventing more and more, and can do more and more, eventually more than we can do. It is not just limited to the elderly, but everyone. Technology is moving faster than we are. We rely on it for everything, alarms to wake us up, google to answer all of our questions, the internet for information, as well as entertainment. Hell, I am using technology to create this blog. My point is, technology is used for everything, and the more advanced it becomes, the harder it is for people to keep up, elderly, children, everyone.

Jumping on the Bandwaggon

So my grandmother does not know anything about technology. And yet, in the same room, she has a desktop computer, a laptop, a wireless printer, a television, a tablet, an iPad, and a smartphone. This is because of her addiction to QVC and her credit card, she sees it, she buys it. Needless to say, why buy something you don’t even know how to use? Because all of her friends have it. She, along like most people, have to have everything their friends have, regardless of whether they even know how to use it or not. She can’t even text! She legitimately does not know how to send or read a text message, let alone even get to that part of her Samsung Galaxy s4 phone. She proved my point, yet again, that even though people do not know how to use technology, they feel the need to have it anyway.

What I’ve Come to Realize

It is not technology that is difficult, it is our human ability to adapt and teach ourselves new technology. Technology is released quicker than we can process these changes. Even the slightest changes in technology take us as people time to process and learn, and the human ability to process new things and learn slows as we get older. That is why the older the person, the harder it is for them to learn new things. Because it takes them longer, a lot of the time, they choose not to learn how to use new technology. Like my grandparents constantly tell me, if it aint broke, dont fix it. 

Clearly I Cannot Handle Technology Either

So over the past week or two, I have really been working on this blog, and enjoying putting it together. But I guess I do not know how to work this website to well, because I had several blog posts that I had done over the past two weeks, and somehow when trying to delete one post, I permanently deleted every thing on my blog, silly me. My temporary moment of stupidity only further proved the point that the entire blog represents, technology is clearly more advanced than people, myself included.

The Remote Story

So, once of the funniest stories in my family has to be the remote story. My great-grandmother was babysitting four of my cousins, and my aunt would call every hour to check on how they were doing. My great-grandma was sitting in the living room, watching television when the phone rang the first time. Let me add that my aunt had one of those very advanced universal remotes that even had an lcd screen on it. So needless to say, my grandmother was confused, and answered the remote. Frustrated that no one was speaking back and the phone continued to ring, she slammed it on the table and continued to watch her show. An hour later, the second phone call came, and she once again answered the remote. For the second time, no one answered, and even more frustrated, she threw the remote at the wall, broke the remote, and damaged the wall. Now after two hours of no answers and four children under the age of 9, my aunt immediately rushed home worried that something had happened. When she got home and had realized what had happened, she had come to one conclusion, my great-grandmother clearly cannot be left with children, or technology.Image